“I have been fortunate to have had Dan Horner as an editor for many years for my work and that of my colleagues in Princeton University’s Program on Science and Global Security. As the editor of the very important monthly magazine Arms Control Today, Dan showed he has a keen eye for language, style, and clarity, and more important a sense of editorial judgment. He was able to take a manuscript and ask critical questions, suggest improvements, sharpen prose and stay with the guidelines and deadlines. What came out was always better than what went in. This professionalism continues in Dan’s new freelance career, where he has worked with us on a major report for the International Panel on Fissile Materials. “

— Zia Mian | Co-director, Program on Science and Global Security, Princeton University

“Dan was hired to provide significant editing services to condense and distill a large scale report on peace education in Pakistan into a shorter piece that highlighted lessons learned and best practices. I found him to be an extremely thoughtful editor who was engaged throughout the process and provided a high quality draft. I’d highly recommend Dan for any editing project. “

— Jumaina Siddiqui |
Senior Program Officer,
Asia Center, U.S. Institute of Peace

“Dan is an absolute pro and exactly what you’d want in a writer/editor: sharp, analytical, precise, deadline-driven, flexible and good-natured. He has the skills and temperament for the job, and the sophistication and patience needed to work as effectively with an organization’s senior leaders as with its project managers. Dan is a delight and we’d hire him again in a minute!”

— Mimi Hall | Senior Director for Content, Nuclear Threat Initiative

“Working together with Daniel Horner has been both enjoyable and very constructive. He is not only an excellent editor but also well acquainted with my field, nuclear disarmament and arms control. His contribution has risen above the text and its wordings to also include other approaches and references to a particular issue. I have greatly appreciated this form of cooperation.”

— Tarja Cronberg | Distinguished Associate Fellow, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

“Daniel Horner joined our copyediting team as we were competing the LAW+YOU High School Curriculum for civics, human rights and peacebuilding for high schools in Liberia. Dan always set expectations for deadlines and then met them—often early. We came to depend on him, not just for copyediting, but to review the logic and flow of copy and come back to us with recommendations for improvement. He is patient, professional and smart. A generous and clear communicator, Dan is the kind of person who jumps into a team and immediately strengthens it. We will work with him every chance we get. “

— Tenneh Johnson Kemah | Founder and President, Child Steps International

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